The Origin of Gambling in Indonesia and IBCBET Platform for Sports Betting

Gambling in Indonesia has been here from before the Dutch colonial era. In Indonesia, the forms of gambling are very diverse. From card games to direct gambling. Although the government prohibits the law on gambling, it can not be separated from the existing social gatherings of various races, religions, and regions. Most gambling in Indonesia is played by bookies, but some gambling games can be played individually. Gambling is often linked with crime and gang or mafia organizations. Humans like to bet in all aspects and gambling gives human hope, the event that kind of hope is like false hope. And we love to risk small things to get big things, and that is what kind of gambling is.

We will discuss some of the gambling things in Indonesia that are already common in the community, from the forbidden to what is considered reasonable.

  1. Togel

The lottery gambling game is guessing numbers starting from 2,3.4 numbers that will come out every day. Players usually guess the numbers and then bet according to the amount of rupiah to be desired, then guess the number purchased and matched with the numbers that come out at that time. The winner can be seen at a particular place or website. This game is very simple and inexpensive so people like to guess to use mystical sciences to guess the number. The fee is also quite affordable.

  1. Cockfighting

Throughout all over Indonesia there must be such a thing as cockfighting gambling, this game can be enjoyed by the audience to the owner of the chicken. Cockfighting is a game of fighting between 2 chickens in a predetermined arena, the fight between the two chickens is placed until one of the chickens loses.

  1. Card

This card gambling game varies greatly from playing cards, dominoes, to online gambling card games. The game also varies from Capsa, poker, blackjack. The card is not prohibited by the government and can be enjoyed by all parties unless there is no betting value.

  1. Sports

Surely you are no stranger, sports gambling, especially soccer, must have been heard throughout Indonesia. Starting from the sport of soccer to sports online games. Now, sports gambling can also be played online and is very easy. The dealer also has a large set of exchanges so it is very interesting to play. You can try sports gambling with the Ibcbet platform. It very famous until now change their name to Nova88. Ibcbet is very trusted for sports gambling and many people like it.

  1. Sweepstakes

This lottery game is legal in Indonesia. From television shows to lucky draws that are held directly in each region. Although it has an element of gambling, the lottery is very reasonable in Indonesia. The government also implemented Porkas in 1985 and is limited to players who must be 17 years old. Prize draws also vary depending on the organizer.

  1. Arisan

This social gathering is very common in the eyes of the community. Arisan has an element of gambling because the winner is announced by the lottery, but most people agree that the arisan is legal because actually, all the players in the arisan will win the prize. Usually, the arisan starts from contributions every week/month and then is drawn with cash prizes that have been approved and are counted by players and organizers so that later all will enjoy.

5 of the Largest Casinos in the World that Many People Know

Hearing the word casino, maybe our minds will immediately be directed to the city of Las Vegas. Often, we see in movies showing this city as a center for entertainment and gambling. Indeed, Las Vegas, also known as “Sin City” has many large casinos, but that does not mean the largest is there. Various countries in the world also have large casinos, because it can improve the country’s economy with taxes and tourists. Malaysia, which is famous for its Islamic elements, also legalizes casinos even though it is specifically for tourists and prohibits its citizens from playing there. In Indonesia, which is a nearby country of Malaysia is considering to have a city that legalizes casino. One company that is ready to become a pioneer in implementing the project is HokiPanda. They are the best company that has been proven to be able to run a gambling system well.. Let’s look at the list of the biggest casinos in the world.

Foxwoods Resort Casino – Connecticut

foxwoods resort casino

Foxwoods Resort Casino is a casino located in the Ledyard, Connecticut, United States. This casino is equipped with luxury amenities and star hotels. First opened in 1986 under the rule of Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Nation.

This casino has around 5,500 slot machines, possibly the most in the world. Not to mention 400 tables that can be played starting from poker, roulette, craps, to blackjack. Standing on an area of ​​31 thousand square meters, Foxwoods has 2,000 more hotel rooms consisting of 4 hotels with an average visitor reaching 16 million people per year.


Casino Lisboa, Portugal

Lisboa Casino

Even though the construction had been hindered because the local government considered gambling to be something bad and illegal. The casino, located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, was finally open to the public in 2006.

This casino is owned by a Hong Kong company called Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau, with at least 1000 slot machines and 26 playable tables. Casino Lisboa is one of the largest casinos in the world with a building area of ​​15 thousand square meters.


Sands Macau, China

sands macau

This magnificent building in the city of Macau is a design of the famous architect, Paul Steelman. Opened to the public in 2004 and continued to expand, Sands currently has over 700 slot machines and 1,000 table games.

The casino owned by the Las Vegas Sands company is made not only for gambling but also attracts foreign tourists. With a building area of ​​21 thousand square meters, this building is equipped with 7 restaurants and bars, as well as 289 hotel rooms for its customers.


City of Dreams, China

City of Dreams

City of Dream which is also located in the city of Macau was opened to the public in 2009. The building which has a contemporary design is owned by Melco Crown Entertainment.

This casino has 1,350 gambling machines and 500 table games. Carrying a romantic theme, this casino also presents a fountain attraction for its visitors. With a building area of ​​39 thousand square meters, this building is equipped with 1,400 hotel rooms and 14 restaurants and bars.


MGM Grand, Las Vegas

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been opened since 1993 and is the largest in America. Aside from being a gambling place, this place is also famous for frequent events such as boxing and world-class music.

This casino has 2,300 machines and 20 table games. With an area of ​​16 thousand square meters, this building is equipped with 5044 hotel rooms.

God of Gambler in the Real Life

Gambling can be both profitable and harmful. But in the hands of these people, gambling is not just an activity to amuse themselves and try their luck. They work hard to master this and get many profits from it.

These people are not only good at mastering situations, but are also good at calculating. They can think quickly and properly so that they become kings in the arena and praised as gods of gambling. This is a list of names that deserve to be called the god of gambling in the world.

MIT Blackjack Team


If you are a fan of movie 21, then you are no stranger to this team. They are in the real world with the same name, MIT’s blackjack team. Their story in the film did exist in the real world and became one of the biggest winning stories ever.

Starting from an extracurricular held by the campus at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1900s. The team consisting of a collection of genius students created a calculation system to beat the Blackjack game. Initially, this team invited an investor to finance their gambling in Las Vegas. They succeeded in making a profit of 400,000 US dollars at that time.

Not only that, they started playing in European casinos and made a profit there. Until finally they began to be recognized and had dealt with the law many times. Eventually, the original team members started leaving, although some new members joined through rigorous tests and examinations, the new team could not get a significant victory. Besides, their names are too well known so this team must be disbanded. According to reports, the total victory won by this team reached 5 million US dollars

Tommy Glenn Carmichael


Tommy is a person who can know the weaknesses of slot machines. He developed various ways to win the game. He was willing to go to the slot machine manufacturer and pretend to be a customer until he finally found out the weaknesses of the machine. After knowing the weaknesses of the machine, Tommy then made a special tool that could win it.

Its activity makes the casino change the way their machines work many times. Even so, Tommy has won around 10,000 US dollars when doing the action.

In 2001 Tommy was finally convicted and sentenced to social punishment. Because of his ability, currently Tommy works as an anti-fraud for gambling machines.

Edward Thorp


Edward is a professor who has a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics and is called the father of the “card counter” of the world. At first Edward was not too interested in the world of gambling, until in the 60’s a colleague named Claude Shannon invited him to Las Vegas and played gambling there. After playing Blackjack several times, Edward realized that he could win this game with special calculations.

Since then, Edward began researching the relationship between Blackjack and mathematics. He experimented many times until he could find a special formula to win the blackjack game. Thanks to this formula, Edward was able to conquer the gambling arena in Las Vegas by bringing home 70,000 US dollars a day. His continued victory made the casino suspect he was cheating. However, when watching Edward play, the casino can’t find he cheating.

Because of his ingenuity in card counting, the casino prohibited him from returning. In 1962, Edward finally published a book about the formula he used to win the Blackjack game titled “Beat Dealer” and made a second version in 1966. Even so, many people still struggled to do tricks like Edward.

The 5 Best Films About Gambling

Watching movies is an exciting activity, in addition to being entertainment, films can also provide new knowledge that we cannot find anywhere. Some films have themes about things that we might not see, like gambling. This theme is quite often used because it has a diverse storyline while full of tricks.

Gambling life is indeed very interesting, we can know how the different sides of people with money, or people who only try their luck from cards or dice.


21 Movie

The film that was booming in its time was a film based on a true story. A young genius and his five friends were trained to become “card counters” aiming to win the Blakcjack game by working together with the help of their extraordinary mathematical abilities.

Ben Campbell, an MIT student in Boston initially just wanted to pass a scholarship to get a doctor’s degree at Harvard. However, after receiving Ben was unable to pay an administration fee of $ 300,000.

One day, Ben was invited by Mick Rosa to join his small group to play blackjack. Together with his group, Ben goes to Las Vegas to conquer the blackjack table.

Molly Game’s

Molly-Game's Movie

Molly Game’s is also a film based on a true story. The film, released in 2017, tells the story of a woman named Molly Bloom (Chastain) who is an Olympic-class skier, holding poker games with the highest and exclusive stakes in the world for years.

After failing to become an Olympic player, Molly decided to work, and her boss was unwittingly the organizer of a poker match. While helping his boss run his business, Molly became acquainted with the players, who turned out to be big-time Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck, top athletes, and wealthy business people. After getting to know them and there was a mismatch with his boss, Molly finally organized a match of her own.

This film will tell about Molly’s career in the world of gambling. Also about his struggle to be free from gambling was assisted by a lawyer named Charlie Jaffey who was played by Idris Elba.

Casino Royale

Casino-Royale Movie

The film, which is a series from the famous James Bond film, tells the first mission of secret agent 007. His boss MI6 assigned Bond to go beat a banker named Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker match at Casino Royale, Montenegro. Le Chiffre is a banker where terrorists around the world keep their money.

Ocean’s Series

Ocean's-Series Movie

This film is a trilogy that tells about casino robberies in each film. Tells the story of a reliable robber named Danny Ocean and his colleagues. Danny is obsessed with becoming the highest robber in history. He recruited eleven colleagues to be a team and launched his mission. He wants to rob three casinos with a total of 150 million US dollars.

The Gamblers

The-Gamblers Movie

The film, released in 2014, is a remake of a 1974 film titled the same. It tells the story of a professor of literature named Jim Bennet who has a double life. As a teacher as well as a gambler.

Jim became someone who was addicted to gambling and had to owe moneylenders. In his journey Jim had to find a way to pay off his debt by involving several people and crazy strategies

The Biggest Loss at The Gambling Table

In the gambling table, of course, everyone hopes to get a victory. At the time of the game, no one knows who will win and be lucky at that time. Many legendary triumphs with total money won were fantastic, resulting in many people being drawn to try their luck. However, the story of the tragic loss in gambling might also be a lesson for us in the cruel world of gambling. This is a list of names with the biggest loss in the history of gambling tables recorded.

Omar Siddiqui – $ 65 million


Omar Siddiqui who served as vice president of fry electronic suffered a severe gambling addiction and suffered a major loss. Recorded he suffered a loss of 65 million US dollars in the game Blakcjack for betting carelessly in the casino MGM Grand and Las Vegas Sands. In 2008 Omar was sentenced for fraud, he tricked his colleague Fry Electronics company for 87 million US dollars to pay off his gambling debt. Even though Omar’s lawyer had evaded saying that Omar was only addicted to ordinary gambling, federal judges still sentenced him and said his actions were unsettling and unforgivable.

Zhenli Ye Gon – $ 125 million


This man is famous for his loss at the casino with a total of 125 million US dollars. He suffered a whopping 85 million dollars in Venetian Las Vegas and 30 million dollars in other casinos.

That big money is not a big thing for Zhenli who is an illegal drug maker with a profit of 350 million dollars per year. As a result of his illegal business, Zhenli was arrested in August 2014 and sentenced to 25 years.

Terry Wanatabe – $ 204 million


Terry Wanatabe is the CEO of the Oriental Trading Company. His name became famous not because of his prowess in running the family’s legacy business, he was famous for his loss at the gambling table with a total loss of 204 million dollars. The loss he experienced in a period of 3 years, according to reports Terry can play for 24 hours straight and suffered losses every day reaching 5 million dollars. Terry also refused to pay the remaining 14.7 million dollars in debt and accused the casino of cheating by giving him alcohol and paracetamol.

William Yan – $ 300 million


This pharmaceutical entrepreneur became a sensation after experiencing the biggest loss ever recorded in the gambling table. In less than a day, William spent 300 million dollars at the Sky City casino, New Zealand. An eyewitness said, William easily gave up 5 million dollars in poker in less than an hour. After his wealth was investigated, William was suspected of laundering money through the gambling table. He is known as a Chinese citizen who has a permanent residence visa in New Zealand since 2001. The company he manages is suspected of embezzling $ 129 million.

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