Month: August 2020

The Origin of Gambling in Indonesia and IBCBET Platform for Sports Betting

Gambling in Indonesia has been here from before the Dutch colonial era. In Indonesia, the forms of gambling are very diverse. From card games to direct gambling. Although the government prohibits the law on gambling, it can not be separated from the existing social gatherings of various races, religions, and regions. Most gambling in Indonesia is played by bookies, but some gambling games can be played individually. Gambling is often linked with crime and gang or mafia organizations. Humans like to bet in all aspects and gambling gives human hope, the event that kind of hope is like false hope. And we love to risk small things to get big things, and that is what kind of gambling is.

We will discuss some of the gambling things in Indonesia that are already common in the community, from the forbidden to what is considered reasonable.

  1. Togel

The lottery gambling game is guessing numbers starting from 2,3.4 numbers that will come out every day. Players usually guess the numbers and then bet according to the amount of rupiah to be desired, then guess the number purchased and matched with the numbers that come out at that time. The winner can be seen at a particular place or website. This game is very simple and inexpensive so people like to guess to use mystical sciences to guess the number. The fee is also quite affordable.

  1. Cockfighting

Throughout all over Indonesia there must be such a thing as cockfighting gambling, this game can be enjoyed by the audience to the owner of the chicken. Cockfighting is a game of fighting between 2 chickens in a predetermined arena, the fight between the two chickens is placed until one of the chickens loses.

  1. Card

This card gambling game varies greatly from playing cards, dominoes, to online gambling card games. The game also varies from Capsa, poker, blackjack. The card is not prohibited by the government and can be enjoyed by all parties unless there is no betting value.

  1. Sports

Surely you are no stranger, sports gambling, especially soccer, must have been heard throughout Indonesia. Starting from the sport of soccer to sports online games. Now, sports gambling can also be played online and is very easy. The dealer also has a large set of exchanges so it is very interesting to play. You can try sports gambling with the Ibcbet platform. It very famous until now change their name to Nova88. Ibcbet is very trusted for sports gambling and many people like it.

  1. Sweepstakes

This lottery game is legal in Indonesia. From television shows to lucky draws that are held directly in each region. Although it has an element of gambling, the lottery is very reasonable in Indonesia. The government also implemented Porkas in 1985 and is limited to players who must be 17 years old. Prize draws also vary depending on the organizer.

  1. Arisan

This social gathering is very common in the eyes of the community. Arisan has an element of gambling because the winner is announced by the lottery, but most people agree that the arisan is legal because actually, all the players in the arisan will win the prize. Usually, the arisan starts from contributions every week/month and then is drawn with cash prizes that have been approved and are counted by players and organizers so that later all will enjoy.

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