God of Gambler in the Real Life

God of Gambler in the Real Life

Gambling can be both profitable and harmful. But in the hands of these people, gambling is not just an activity to amuse themselves and try their luck. They work hard to master this and get many profits from it.

These people are not only good at mastering situations, but are also good at calculating. They can think quickly and properly so that they become kings in the arena and praised as gods of gambling. This is a list of names that deserve to be called the god of gambling in the world.

MIT Blackjack Team


If you are a fan of movie 21, then you are no stranger to this team. They are in the real world with the same name, MIT’s blackjack team. Their story in the film did exist in the real world and became one of the biggest winning stories ever.

Starting from an extracurricular held by the campus at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1900s. The team consisting of a collection of genius students created a calculation system to beat the Blackjack game. Initially, this team invited an investor to finance their gambling in Las Vegas. They succeeded in making a profit of 400,000 US dollars at that time.

Not only that, they started playing in European casinos and made a profit there. Until finally they began to be recognized and had dealt with the law many times. Eventually, the original team members started leaving, although some new members joined through rigorous tests and examinations, the new team could not get a significant victory. Besides, their names are too well known so this team must be disbanded. According to reports, the total victory won by this team reached 5 million US dollars

Tommy Glenn Carmichael


Tommy is a person who can know the weaknesses of slot machines. He developed various ways to win the game. He was willing to go to the slot machine manufacturer and pretend to be a customer until he finally found out the weaknesses of the machine. After knowing the weaknesses of the machine, Tommy then made a special tool that could win it.

Its activity makes the casino change the way their machines work many times. Even so, Tommy has won around 10,000 US dollars when doing the action.

In 2001 Tommy was finally convicted and sentenced to social punishment. Because of his ability, currently Tommy works as an anti-fraud for gambling machines.

Edward Thorp


Edward is a professor who has a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics and is called the father of the “card counter” of the world. At first Edward was not too interested in the world of gambling, until in the 60’s a colleague named Claude Shannon invited him to Las Vegas and played gambling there. After playing Blackjack several times, Edward realized that he could win this game with special calculations.

Since then, Edward began researching the relationship between Blackjack and mathematics. He experimented many times until he could find a special formula to win the blackjack game. Thanks to this formula, Edward was able to conquer the gambling arena in Las Vegas by bringing home 70,000 US dollars a day. His continued victory made the casino suspect he was cheating. However, when watching Edward play, the casino can’t find he cheating.

Because of his ingenuity in card counting, the casino prohibited him from returning. In 1962, Edward finally published a book about the formula he used to win the Blackjack game titled “Beat Dealer” and made a second version in 1966. Even so, many people still struggled to do tricks like Edward.

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