The 5 Best Films About Gambling

The 5 Best Films About Gambling

Watching movies is an exciting activity, in addition to being entertainment, films can also provide new knowledge that we cannot find anywhere. Some films have themes about things that we might not see, like gambling. This theme is quite often used because it has a diverse storyline while full of tricks.

Gambling life is indeed very interesting, we can know how the different sides of people with money, or people who only try their luck from cards or dice.


21 Movie

The film that was booming in its time was a film based on a true story. A young genius and his five friends were trained to become “card counters” aiming to win the Blakcjack game by working together with the help of their extraordinary mathematical abilities.

Ben Campbell, an MIT student in Boston initially just wanted to pass a scholarship to get a doctor’s degree at Harvard. However, after receiving Ben was unable to pay an administration fee of $ 300,000.

One day, Ben was invited by Mick Rosa to join his small group to play blackjack. Together with his group, Ben goes to Las Vegas to conquer the blackjack table.

Molly Game’s

Molly-Game's Movie

Molly Game’s is also a film based on a true story. The film, released in 2017, tells the story of a woman named Molly Bloom (Chastain) who is an Olympic-class skier, holding poker games with the highest and exclusive stakes in the world for years.

After failing to become an Olympic player, Molly decided to work, and her boss was unwittingly the organizer of a poker match. While helping his boss run his business, Molly became acquainted with the players, who turned out to be big-time Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck, top athletes, and wealthy business people. After getting to know them and there was a mismatch with his boss, Molly finally organized a match of her own.

This film will tell about Molly’s career in the world of gambling. Also about his struggle to be free from gambling was assisted by a lawyer named Charlie Jaffey who was played by Idris Elba.

Casino Royale

Casino-Royale Movie

The film, which is a series from the famous James Bond film, tells the first mission of secret agent 007. His boss MI6 assigned Bond to go beat a banker named Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker match at Casino Royale, Montenegro. Le Chiffre is a banker where terrorists around the world keep their money.

Ocean’s Series

Ocean's-Series Movie

This film is a trilogy that tells about casino robberies in each film. Tells the story of a reliable robber named Danny Ocean and his colleagues. Danny is obsessed with becoming the highest robber in history. He recruited eleven colleagues to be a team and launched his mission. He wants to rob three casinos with a total of 150 million US dollars.

The Gamblers

The-Gamblers Movie

The film, released in 2014, is a remake of a 1974 film titled the same. It tells the story of a professor of literature named Jim Bennet who has a double life. As a teacher as well as a gambler.

Jim became someone who was addicted to gambling and had to owe moneylenders. In his journey Jim had to find a way to pay off his debt by involving several people and crazy strategies

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