The Biggest Loss at The Gambling Table

The Biggest Loss at The Gambling Table

In the gambling table, of course, everyone hopes to get a victory. At the time of the game, no one knows who will win and be lucky at that time. Many legendary triumphs with total money won were fantastic, resulting in many people being drawn to try their luck. However, the story of the tragic loss in gambling might also be a lesson for us in the cruel world of gambling. This is a list of names with the biggest loss in the history of gambling tables recorded.

Omar Siddiqui – $ 65 million


Omar Siddiqui who served as vice president of fry electronic suffered a severe gambling addiction and suffered a major loss. Recorded he suffered a loss of 65 million US dollars in the game Blakcjack for betting carelessly in the casino MGM Grand and Las Vegas Sands. In 2008 Omar was sentenced for fraud, he tricked his colleague Fry Electronics company for 87 million US dollars to pay off his gambling debt. Even though Omar’s lawyer had evaded saying that Omar was only addicted to ordinary gambling, federal judges still sentenced him and said his actions were unsettling and unforgivable.

Zhenli Ye Gon – $ 125 million


This man is famous for his loss at the casino with a total of 125 million US dollars. He suffered a whopping 85 million dollars in Venetian Las Vegas and 30 million dollars in other casinos.

That big money is not a big thing for Zhenli who is an illegal drug maker with a profit of 350 million dollars per year. As a result of his illegal business, Zhenli was arrested in August 2014 and sentenced to 25 years.

Terry Wanatabe – $ 204 million


Terry Wanatabe is the CEO of the Oriental Trading Company. His name became famous not because of his prowess in running the family’s legacy business, he was famous for his loss at the gambling table with a total loss of 204 million dollars. The loss he experienced in a period of 3 years, according to reports Terry can play for 24 hours straight and suffered losses every day reaching 5 million dollars. Terry also refused to pay the remaining 14.7 million dollars in debt and accused the casino of cheating by giving him alcohol and paracetamol.

William Yan – $ 300 million


This pharmaceutical entrepreneur became a sensation after experiencing the biggest loss ever recorded in the gambling table. In less than a day, William spent 300 million dollars at the Sky City casino, New Zealand. An eyewitness said, William easily gave up 5 million dollars in poker in less than an hour. After his wealth was investigated, William was suspected of laundering money through the gambling table. He is known as a Chinese citizen who has a permanent residence visa in New Zealand since 2001. The company he manages is suspected of embezzling $ 129 million.

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